Organizational Stewardship  and Conflict Transformation

There is pain with change and there is pain with remaining the same, choose the one that moves you forward.

Stewardship  is the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care.  Organizational Stewards act as servant leaders and caretaker whose actions and behaviors focus on ownership, collaboration and group success.


Organizational Stewardship is a progressive business strategy founded on the belief that others have the knowledge and ideas to produce required results. 


Then it is up to each individual to own their work and choose quality and responsiveness.  Compliance is a product of localized power and control.  Commitment at every level comes when our leaders choose service over self.


We can be a group of individuals doing a job or we can be a society performing work with a purpose.  The choice is ours. A truly empowered workforce allows people to re-write the rules that patriarchy fosters and reinforces. Yet we continue to operate under command and control because we aren’t sure of the alternative.  Stewardship is the next logical evolution for today’s organizations.


Conflict Transformation  is a holistic approach and strategy for a healthy adaptation that identifies the broken places and uses them to repair relationships that affect organizational excellence. It shifts thinking about conflict from threat to opportunity.


Change causes conflict. Organizations who manage change and resolve conflict effectively, implement changes faster, realize ROI sooner and achieve greater sustainability. 

Conflict, like other key business processes must be managed. Conflict prevention, resolution and management strategies are embedded in your organization's competencies, structure and culture.


Diagnosing the prevailing strategy in your organization and devising a plan to make it intentional, transforms it into a key strategic advantage.


Conflict Transformation requires embracing a "conflict opportunity" mindset and developing conflict competence at all levels.  This is the beginning of installing a process for turning naturally occurring  disputes into opportunities for greater creativity, productivity, engagement and personal growth.



An organization's culture is a reflection of it's relationships. Do you have silos, poor communication, distrust and lack of collaboration which reduce productivity and profits


Conflict averted is better than conflict avoided. Our goal is to prevent, reduce or eliminate unresolved conflict that undermines trust, teamwork and collaboration by transforming interpersonal conflict into interpersonal peace.



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Inherent in Every Conflict lies the Potential for Resolution that leads to the Discovery of a Better way of Being, Working and Living Together.


Resolve can support large scale organizational transitions by reducing conflict both before, during and after mergers/acquisitions, changes in leadership, re-organization, changes to business processes and technology implementations.


Providing the workforce with conflict resolution skills drives employee engagement and creativity, produces quicker ROI and greater sustainability.


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